India, Daman

I visited Daman when I was for the first time in India. The town can easily be reached with a train or bus if you are a backpacker on budget or you can hire a car. We chose the train. Sadly it used to stop after every ten meters, but after 6 hours and approximately 200 kilometers of absolute boredom we were in Vapi train station. From there you have to take a taxi or a rickshaw to the Daman.

Unlike Goa the Daman is not a popular western tourist destination. Therefore the first thing you would notice is that there are no touts and you don’t have to fight of army of rickshaw drivers, like in popular tourist spot and finding one that speaks English is even harder than you might think. Also the town has very few beggars. Daman is very popular destination for the Indian tourists from the nearby cities, therefore finding a hotel is easy. There are numerous hotels in the Daman itself but you might be better off finding a good hotel on the beach going a couple of kilometers north to Devka Beach. The beach is really not very good, for sure it’s not good for swimming because it’s too rocky and unlike Goa or the Beaches of Mumbai nobody’s here’s used to half naked ladies in swimsuit’s. The other ting with the beach is that there are packs of dogs and you should avoid those.

There are some touristy spots in the Daman town, like the old Portuguese fort, a small amusement park in Devka Beach, but basically that’s it. However there is another reason why this place is so popular among Indian weekend tourists – dirt cheap alcohol. And I really mean cheap and accessible. Numerous liquor stores can be found in Daman. A bottle of locally produced vodka costs somewhere around 70 Rs (1.4 USD), that’s how cheap it is. You can buy all sorts of alcoholic beverages here, however you can be sure that it’s manufactured just around the corner even if it says “Finlandia” or “Smirnoff” on the bottle. The downside it all is that there are a lot of drunk Indian tourists, they are generally friendly but kind of annoying. I would suggest avoiding having too many vodka shots with the average male Indian tourist. The cheap alcohol however cannot be taken outside the town borders and there are police checks on the roads. The locals are really nice and during the day it’s safe to walk around practically everywhere. The rickshaws and taxis are harder to catch than in the touristy places, but they cost less: a rickshaw in Daman will cost about 30 Rs; a taxi ride to Vapi train station will cost somewhere about 120 Rs.

Overall Daman is a nice place to spend one or two days after that it’s starting to get boring as the town offers a little entertainment. alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith Agustus stable Edu

Why a PC is Better Than a Mac

Lately Apple has gained a lot of popularity everywhere. Many people are talking about switching from windows to mac; and I have been in countless arguments over which is better. (Note: I will write an article later about why Macs are better than PCs just to be fair).

7 Reasons a PC is Better than a Mac:

1. Customisability

PCs are infinitely more customisable than Macs. It is very simple to build your own computer, choosing the exact parts you need to suit your needs. There are infinite combinations and choice when it comes to making a PC. If you don’t want to make one, there are heaps of people who will make one for you to suit your own needs. Retailers such as Dell and HP also offer many options to customise a PC. Macs however are very limited. They often don’t use the latest hardware for about a year while PCs have already had them. You don’t see any Macs with Core i7’s inside them. Any extras you want to add on will cost you a fortune for example adding an extra 4GB of RAM will cost you around $800 but if you had a PC, a similar upgrade for 4GB of DDR3 will cost a maximum of $200 but can be had for $150. This makes a PC much more affordable. There is so much choice out there as to parts that you can make it look however you want. Apple only offers a few variations of their computers with little customisation options at a price set way too high. Not to mention the premium you pay for the Apple logo.

2. Hardware and Software Compatibility

Many people argue that Macs have enough software to keep them going. The fact is that if you have a PC, you have way more options. You have more choice when it comes to any software or hardware. Basically every piece of software compatible with Mac is compatible with PC (except for the software made by Apple). PC has way more choice when it comes to games and any game on a PC will run better if you have a newer computer as the newest Macs have outdated Hardware. Mac users will always have to always check if the hardware or software they are buying is compatible with Mac. Yes, you can run Windows on a Mac but what is the point. If you are going to use Windows for everything then you might as well just buy a PC. Not to mention all the Office software for Mac is incredibly hard to use and completely illogical. Some basic commands which can easily be found on the Windows version of Office are incredibly difficult to find on a Mac. Not to mention Mac users don’t get the slick new Ribbon interface of Office 2007.

3. Full Operating Systems

Apple charges its customers for minor updates to its Operating Systems (also known as Service Packs). Microsoft gives these out for free and only charges users for a completely new operating system. This will significantly add to the cost of your Mac if you plan to upgrade every time Apple releases a new version of OS X. The new features which are given in these updates are pretty insignificant and none have overhauled the OS. Is it really worth the price tag?

4. Windows Explorer is Way More Powerful

Windows Explorer offers a lot more features than finder. It offers cut and paste to easily move files around as well as offering window resizing from all corners or edges instead of just one. Not to mention it is much more easier to quit a program in Windows than Mac by simply pressing the X button instead of Command+Q. Apple’s maximise button doesn’t even work properly.

5. Support

There are many more PC users than Mac users. This makes it very easy for anyone with problems to find someone to help them. Many people know a lot about PCs however Apple’s community is limited and there are much fewer places where you can get help from. Apple support also has a history of denying a problem exists even if it clearly does. Not to mention warranty for Dells and HPs cost a lot less than Apple’s Applecare.

6. OEM

Microsoft offers the OEM version of their operating system for much cheaper than the retail pack. Apple does not sell OEMs. Vista Ultimate used to retail for $799 but at the same time, the OEM cost around $280. This gives system builders much lower costs when compared to Apple’s computers and when referring back to point one, much more customisable as well.

7. Deleting Shortcuts actually works

Apple has a very visual OS while Windows is more intuitive and logical. For example when you want to delete desktop shortcuts, you can just hit the delete key. When you want to do this on a Mac, you need to drag the icon to the trash can. It makes a cool effect but it is so irritating. The menu bar on the Mac is also really irritating. When you minimise a program, the menu bar stays there which also becomes annoying when trying access other things on for example Finder. This makes using a Mac a real pain to use. alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith Agustus stable Edu

How to Create and Write Ebook

When you decide to start to the write eBook process it is not just putting pen to paper. There are a whole lot more parts to the process than people think. What we will cover in this article is the entire process from start to finish. Putting the pen to paper may be the most time consuming part of the process, but it is only a small portion of the overall sales machine.

I’m sure you already have in mind what you want to write your eBook about and that is great. I will caution you though, that just because you want to write about something that doesn’t mean people want to read it. Do some market research on your topic. Find out if there is really a demand for your topic. Of course I’m referring the fact that I assume you will be trying to sell your ebook, not just performing some self-indulgent act. That is the focus of this article, sellable ebooks.

Once you’ve truly focused on your topic you need to make your focus or idea have a unique spin to it. What makes your eBook different than all the others on the topic? The more unique your angle, the better chance you have of selling it. If you are new to the write eBook process you’ll probably be writing the eBook yourself. Once you’ve had success selling ebooks you will almost inevitably outsource this stuff. So let’s assume you that you are writing the eBook yourself. Don’t get caught up in the grammar, spelling, and layout at first you’ll just drive yourself nuts in the minutiae. Just start free- flowing your ideas onto the computer screen. Once you get on a roll just keep going. If you have writer’s block, try just typing the newspaper or anything else you have lying around. You’ll find that once your fingers start typing you can disassociate your brain and your ideas will flow.

This part of the process can take days, weeks or even months to complete depending on you, your time available and your dedication. Once you’ve finished or perhaps even during the write eBook process you will probably be thinking about the eBook cover an how to depict your eBook graphically. Just follow along with other articles on this site and watch the eBook cover tutorial videos and you’ll have no problems in this area. The eBook Cover Design article is a good start.

So now you have the ebook, the eBook cover, now what? You have to sell it. This is the trickiest part of the whole process. How do you get people to pay money for your ebook? You need a good sales page on your website. Once again, don’t reinvent the wheel! See what your competitors are doing and use that as a template. Once you’ve built a good sales page your ready to sell. Now you have a good eBook cover design, a good eBook topic, and nice sales page all you need is targeted traffic. There are a number of ways to get traffic to you eBook sales page. See the article entitled eBook Marketing for more on that. Getting the right audience to your site is the key. You don’t want freebie seekers. You want people who are looking to buy. Keyword marketing is an entire industry all by itself and we will briefly touch on that subject in the article eBook Marketing. alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith Agustus stable Edu

Top New PC Games of 2012

2012 began with a new set of anticipations among the gaming fanatics all over the world, as more and more new PC games, and also updated versions of the existing games were expected to hit the gaming arena in large numbers as compared to the previous years.

In fact, the 1st half of 2012 has been really great for all the gaming freaks; it has been a great time for all huge-budget, blockbuster PC games that most of the publishers forced well beyond the holidays in order to prevent crashing with other prominent titles, including “Call of Duty”, and also for cool autonomously formed titles that normally fill in the remaining gaps in a sluggish release calendar.

Let’s discuss in brief about the top new PC games for 2012 in the following sections. All the games that are discussed below are hugely adorned by gamers all over the globe –

1. Diablo III – Finally, after a long hiatus of nearly twelve years, the classic grind loot and level-up RPG has resumed back into the worldwide gaming arena. Diablo III has been fairly successful to re-capture the chair as the chief means to waste your several hours of time killing demons by just clicking the left button of your mouse. There have been an overwhelming number of advanced progression systems in the latest Diablo III game that will certainly keep the gamers completely entertained from first to last.

So far, the cinematics that have been released with respect to this game are simply breathtaking, and the standard gameplay has been precisely polished, and is highly satisfying.

2. Trials Evolution – In fact, I am not the only one to explain the latest Trials Evolution game as excite-bike on steroids, and actually no one could find a much better framework of the outstanding motorcycle feats as provided by this game in any other games available presently. The follow-up to Trials HD of 2012, the new Trials Evolution consists of a track creator, multiplayer option, and an even learning curve compared to its predecessors.

3. Fez – By the looks of it, the newest Fez similar to a pure puzzle PC game, is featured with a shrewd trick – the players can interchange their view of the 2-dimensional world to unveil new tracks, and hidden doorways. However, at the back of this alteration in standard perspective is a latest rabbit hole. Clearly, Fez has been the cleverest video game of 2012 so far; it is one hell of a game that can certainly crush your mind. alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith Agustus stable Edu

Patch 3-3 Icecrown Citadel Raid Preview

Ice Crown patch 3.3 –

Just 1 week after the announcement of the “Icecrown Citadel” 5 man preview Blizzard announces the “Icecrown Citadel: The Frozen Throne” 25 and 10 man raid preview.  Blizzard claims that “This dungeon reveals the culminating story events and battles of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack.”  So you know its going to be packed with a lot of Lore for you guys that are into that and some serious raiding strategies will be needed to actually experience all of this content.

– Join the legendary heroes Highlord Tirion Fordring, High Overlord Saurfang, Muradin Bronzebeard, Highlord Darion Mograine, and King Varian Wrynn in an epic battle against the Scourge and their master.

– Icecrown Citadel features 10 and 25 player versions of the raid dungeon, and each version has 12 encounters. Each encounter can be fought in either normal or Heroic mode, and players can use a new user interface feature to toggle easily between difficulties.

– The rewards in the raid dungeon start at item level 251 in the normal mode with 10-player encounters, increase to item level 264 in the Heroic mode with 10 players and the normal mode with 25-player encounters, and then finally reach item level 277 in the Heroic mode with 25 players.

The battle will begin with players engaged in combat with a legion of undead guards commanded by Lord Marrowgar a creature bound together from the bones of the undead. After this encounter will be Lady Deathwhisper who leads her cult into battle with the promise of giving them an opportunity to provide eternal service into undeath. After these two opponents are defeated the heroes will descent outside where the Horde and Alliance tensions reach a critical point, and turn into an epic air ship battle before entering the “Wings of the Icecrown Citadel”.  Once inside players will face off against multiple abominations in each wing from what I suspect will be kind of like the Naxx setup.

Once these wings have been cleared our heroes will ascend to the “Frozen Throne” where the Lich King awaits to do battle with Frostmourne his trusty Runeblade. alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith www.desm