The Fabulous Suede Handbag

Suede is the material that is ruling the fashion circuits today. All the famous Hollywood celebrities are showing it off, all the big brands are using more and more of it, and all us, American girls, are drooling over it. For starters, suede is a kind of leather which has a brushed finish to it. It is not shiny as patent leather. On the contrary, suede is a very soft and delicate material. It is used for manufacturing bags, shoes and upholstery.

The latest collections of all the famous brands like Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo have suede as their main material. They have some of the most incredibly totes, clutches and wallets made of this fantastic material. These days, owning a suede handbag is becoming sort of a status quo.

The suede handbag is in huge demand in the market today. The material is textured and hence it has to be handled with great amount of care. The material tends to get dirty pretty quickly and cleaning it is not a very easy task. To top it all, suede handbags, and especially those in lighter colors, can get badly damaged if used in a rough manner.

You can find suede handbags in a wide range of sizes and colors. Due to the delicate nature of the material, it is best to invest in a suede handbag that is of a darker color so that it’s easier to clean and maintain. Also, you need to keep the bag away from moisture and any other staining material.

Just in case you stain your suede handbag, there are certain instructions that you have to follow while cleaning it. Please avoid harsh strokes while you try to brush your bag clear of stains! Brush the bag gently, preferably with the help of a suede brush. If you have a red wine or a similar stain on the bag, then putting a couple of drops of white vinegar over the stain directly should help dissolve it. Afterward, you need to wipe the suede handbag lightly and let the vinegar dry on the bag. You can also have your bag sent to a specialized bag cleaner, who will be able to do a flawless job at cleaning your suede handbag.

Luxury never comes cheap and easy. This stands true for suede handbag. If you want to own one, you have to be ready to maintain it properly! alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith Agustus stable Edu

The Party Girl’s Accessory Guide

What do you wear to a party?

Other than your party dress.

If you have new clothes for Christmas, it would be even better.

Even the most stunning outfit would look all the more gorgeous with the right accessories.

Accessories can turn an ordinary everyday outfit into something that is totally party ready. Add on a pair of ultra glamorous chandelier earrings, a pair of sexy high heels, put your hair up and do your makeup and you are ready to party the night away.

Actually, you might just be able to get away with last year’s dresses with some smart accessories. Pick the really basic dresses. In a single color or in animal prints. These are the outfits that are still in style year after year. Then invest in a few great accessories to update your look.

All you need are these 3 basic items:

1. A stunning pair of shoes.

Make that 5 new pairs of party shoes. Especially if you intend to dance the night away, one night after another. The 12 dancing princesses come to mind.

Start with a pair of sleek black shoes that would go with everything.

If the weather permits a strappy pair of metallic stilettos are sexy party shoes. Remember to paint your toe nails or have them done professionally so that you can show off your gorgeous new pedicure.

A pair of satin pumps in a color that matches your favourite party dress would have you looking like a princess. Better yet. Jewelled shoes that are all out glamorous.

If you want an edgier look, nothing beats a pair of black boots, with high heels of course.

If you intend to dress to kill, high heel shoes, as high as you can take, are perfect. For one thing, such shoes give you a sexier gait when you walk. On top of that, high heel shoes make your legs look a mile long.

2. One absolutely gorgeous belt of the season.

On second thought, make that three new belts. In different colors. In different styles. Ideally, all should be wide belts with absolutely stunning buckles.

Go for dark belts as these would make you look slimmer.

Why belts?

This season, the hourglass look is hot. You can update last season’s dress, or even last year’s dress, by cinching the waist with a stunning new belt. That would create this season’s hottest silhouette.

3. Stunning earrings.

Of all jewels, earrings are the ones that would create the most impact. These are worn closest to your face. Sparkling gems worn as earrings would light up your face beautifully.

Long earrings would highlight your neck, making you look sexier.

Chandelier earrings can transform the look of a basic dress, from plain, to elegantly sexy. A party goer needs at least one pair of stunnning chandeliers.

Drop earrings are great if you want to look elegant, but one something a little more subtle than chandeliers. Some dresses look better with drop earrings while others look better with chandeliers.

Sure, real diamonds, rubies and sapphires make a girl feel like a queen but what if you lose an earring while you party?

Swarovski earrings [] are a smarter bet. These are as beautifully cut and so much more affordable. You could afford an entire collection of these classic earrings.

Check out the party wardrobe [] for more tips for the party girl. alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith Agustus stable Edu

Update Your Hairstyle with Bangs

If you want an easy, low-maintenance way to update your style, get inspired from the latest celeb trend and old favorite: get bangs! The great news is that bangs are not only the perfect option to get stylish but they’re versatile to practice new looks framing beautifully the face. It’s also guaranteed to knock years of you!

Blunt Bangs

The most on-trend of all the looks are the heavy, blunt bangs instantly updating a simple medium long hairdo. This type of bangs can suit a wide range of face shapes. The secret is in altering the width and depth to suit the individuals’ bone structure and hair type.

For the best results ask your stylist for wide, blunt bangs that fall on your brow line when it’s dry.

How to style them yourself

Section back the sides, take the first inch of the bang then clip the rest back. Blow-dry the inch section straight down and then work backwards until you run out of bangs. Finally, use flat-iron over the ends in a downward motion and finish with hairspray or light shine spray.

Tip! Dry your bangs while they’re absolutely wet and always use your fingers to avoid any wayward growth patterns spoiling the shape.

Wispy Bangs

Fine hair types can get away with long wispy, feathery bangs.

This type of bangs suit women with oval face shapes or those with larger foreheads who want to soften their features and emphasize their eyes.

Ask your stylist for eye-skimming softly layered bangs, but avoid any mention of blunt, heavy bangs.

How to style them yourself

Apply smoothing serum to the bangs area and volumising spray through the root area and longer lengths. Blast dry with hairdryer using your fingers to create volume in the root area. Finally use either a paddle or a large round bristle brush to tame the longer lengths.

Tip! Remember not to over work bangs. Keep it as natural as possible and hold them in place with a quick mist of your favorite hair spray.

Side Sweeping Bangs

This bang would suit women with square shape face or with at least strong jaw lines. It’s not really for the shy and retiring!

For the best results ask your stylist for soft, textured, sweeping bangs. Make sure you emphasize that you want dramatic, heavy bangs, you don’t want them whispy and thin.

How to style them yourself

This is a great “blow and go” style. Just pull the bangs forward while blow drying, then place over to one side and add a quick mist of strong hold hair spray and you’re good to go!

Tip! To get a more casual look, try pulling all your hair back off your face but leave bangs down to soften the style. alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith Agustus stable Edu

Paris Fashion Week 2010 – Big Hair and Bold Makeup

Paris Fashion Week has come and gone! Not to be outdone by the Italian fashion industry, leading Parisian designers unveiled très magnifique collections bolstered by breathtaking sets (à la Karl Lagerfeld’s iceberg runway at Chanel). And hairstylists and makeup artists worked their magic to pretty up the statuesque models who attired in the designs in noteworthy looks.

From bodacious buns to theatrical makeup to intensely teased strands to modern takes on classic ‘dos, the runways of Paris Fashion Week were filled with head-turning beauty. Read on for the details on four gorgeous (and a few outrageous) trends from over the week in Paris.

Big, Bold Buns: We are definitely fans of a chic chignon — but the beauty teams at Chanel, Nina Ricci, and Karl Lagerfeld maximized the ‘do for the catwalk and paired it with standout makeup including smoky eyes, blonde brows and bright red lips, and strong eyebrows that framed golden lids. To achieve volume at the crown, lead hairstylist Guido Palau for Redken at Nina Ricci, boosted strands with Aerate 08 Bodifying Cream-Mousse and set with Forceful 23 Finishing Spray.

Such a Tease: Heavily, textured hair is a major trend on the fall runways, so it was no surprise when we saw models donning teased tresses at Christian Dior and Comme des Garcons. While the hairstylists at Dior went for a more perfected look accentuated with fishtail braids and berry stained lips, the models at Comme des Garcons wore pastel-colored puffs that reminded us of cotton candy. Their designers gathered luxury Christian Dior Accessories Online Store for the bodacious hair. Fashion Christian Dior accessories and fashion Christian Dior handbags gives the models fashionable type. You can get more Christian Dior new products on Christian Dior Accessories Online Store.

Sideshow Glamour: Let’s face it — there are beauty trends that aren’t made for day-to-day wear. But that doesn’t take away from the tremendous detail that produces astonishing hair and makeup masterpieces. From the over-the-top pinned curls and “tanned” complexions at John Galliano to the Bantu knots and pale skin at Comme des Garcons to the messy, kohl-rimmed eyes and red pouts at Vivienne Westwood — Paris Fashion Week served up extreme beauty.

Ladylike Perfection: ‘Dos like the flip, ponytail and slickback will never go out of style, and the beauty teams at Chloé, Louis Vuitton, and Balenicaga perfected these retro styles. To create a classic ponytail that complemented the 1950s inspired collection at Louis Vuitton, hair stylist Guido Palau for Redken, curled the ends and concealed the elastic holder by wrapping it with a piece of hair. Glass 01 Smoothing Serum was the key to a sleek finish. Celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath took the look at Balenciaga up a notch by painting a few models brows a bright, pastel color. To recreate this clean, yet fresh face use CoverGirl Clean Liquid Makeup and Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush in Lush Berry and Plush Peach. alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith Agustus stable Edu

The girls belong to high-class families and are well educated

Summary: The Bangalore Escorts Girls will provide you with satisfaction and enjoyment. You will not feel lonely or bored when you are with them.

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High-class models available

The girls belong to high-class families and are well educated. dakshi You can always take help from the reliable professionals associated with reputed agencies. You will have a lifetime experience when you are with the Bangalore Escorts. You can go to the websites for professional escorts and even check out their profiles before contacting them. Make sure you do a good research and get in touch with the right companies. You can enjoy a fascinating nightlife with the girls.

The ladies can be your guide

As the girls belong in this city, they can be your best guide and friend. The girls are ready to offer you with the most promising service of all time. You will have the most enjoyable time when you are with the girls. The girls are very attractive and modern. The sweet girls will open to you the world of enjoyment. The ladies are ready to go to any part of the world with you provide you pay for all the cost. They have visited most of the places in India, even abroad, so they can be your guide there as well

Trash, Cash, And Eco-Fashion

Nowadays, people are more becoming Earth conscious and health conscious. We are now aware of what is happening in our environment, the Earth situation as a whole. As financial difficulties were experienced by many, people begun to search ways on how they can help alleviate themselves from the hands of poverty, and one way is garbage picking. According to statistics, there are about 15 million people worldwide who earn their living by collecting and sorting through trash in order to find materials that can be recycled, resold, and re-used. Some waste pickers are actually hired by local government units and businesses to sort through trash to find recyclables. In countries like Colombia and other Latin American country, waste pickers became a legal trade. In Latin America, waste pickers are well organized than in Asia, they are using a community website where they can easily communicate with each other. Unlike in Asia, waste pickers works independently.

More and more people during economic hard times are looking for ways on how to be productive in their selected profession and it’s good to know that people are now aware of the growing concerns on our planet Earth’s tragic situation. We are instructed now by our government to help in eliminating global warming in our community, and one way is through recycling our waste and decommissioned materials. This global situation encourages individuals and companies to work hand-in-hand in helping the government to fulfill its goal of saving planet Earth from global warming phenomenon. From this global situation, good entrepreneurs arise ready for the challenge armed with their creativity, skills, and hope for a better future and better income for their families. Apparently Entrepreneurs easily tapped the world of fashion as they find ways how to use recyclable materials easily available in our surroundings elsewhere like recycled candy wrappers, recycled papers and magazines, recycled juice pouches, decommissioned tires, rice sacks, and other recyclable materials. When it comes to popular brand name in handmade handbags fashion made of recyclable materials, Nahui Ollin is the trusted brand, as well as the upcoming brand Naveh Milo. These were very in-demand among fashioned housewives, students, and middle class and upper class fashionistas. Wearing fashionable clothes, bags and accessories today is no longer just for the wealthy, you can have your own design and have it made by a good company, that’s why it became popular among the masses. Good, quality companies are now investing more on fashioned handmade bags, candy wrapper handbags, purses and other ladies accessories. Though those are waste materials, local skilled artisans from Mexico, Indonesia and Philippines were proud that they could make a living making use of recyclable materials instead of letting those trashes pollute the water and air.

That’s it, now that you know how productive you may become by using those trash but recyclable materials into something useful and fashionable products like handmade handbags and purses and other ladies accessories, why don’t you join the bandwagon full of eco-fashionistas around the globe? Trust me, it’s not only good for your wallet, it’s also good for the environment, and it helps you show your good personality inside and out! alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith