Mustard Designer Party Wear Sarees

The trendy mustard party saree has unique elements that make it stand a class apart. The stunning artificial georgette saree has a broad border with paisley and floral motifs. The body of the saree has multiple coloured floral patterns. While the body of the saree is printed, the border is carefully done with resham embroidery. Deep green and dark brown are incorporated on the mustard base of the saree which is rather nostalgic. The prints of the saree are impeccable with perfect balance. The floral patterns and the curves and twines in those patterns are precise and done with quality. The trendy saree is accompanied by a matching blouse material which is best stitched with elbow length sleeves and deep u neck in the front and the back. Mustard colour blends well with the supporting colours and provides ethnic charm to the saree. The saree is an awesome wear for parties like mehendi or other religious occasions at home. The saree has an air of freshness which peps the environment with cheer.

The very broad beige border patch has narrow green patch on it which divides the floral patterns from the paisley patterns. The deep maroon flowers are interesting with narrow bent petals. They look cute with the stalks and stretch of leaves encircling them. The paisley pattern is totally unique and made out of leaf stalk pattern bent to make a paisley pattern. This is new imagination. The body of the saree has floral patterns in deep green and brown which is very traditional in style. Tiny star shaped brown and green buttis are sprinkled throughout the saree between the floral patterns. The medium size floral images and their thick density are well in harmony with the moderately spaced paisley patterns and the red flowers resham embroidery. The colours are selected with deep experience in textile designing with a motive to provide a successful design in the saree.

Bottle green glass bangles or white metal bangles enameled in green and red would be fine with the saree. Neck could be done with silver chains and chokers with huge red pendant. One could use green flat slippers and deep green or maroon handbags to accessorize this saree. The artificial georgette saree has been carefully and successfully handled by the craftsmen to give such awesome results. The smooth saree is easy to drape and move around with which enhances your mood in the party. alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith Agustus stable Edu

Maternity Apparel Shopping

Learning the news that there’s a bun in the oven is a good enough reason for you to want to go out and purchase all the maternity clothes you’ve been fancying about- but is it the best idea? A lot of women are unsure of the right time to begin searching and purchasing maternity apparel.

However, we do know that it is time to begin purchasing maternity clothing when:

Your “Regular” clothing becomes uncomfortable. During pregnancy, the average healthy woman gains between 25 to 35 pounds; which means, at some point her pre-pregnancy clothing will no longer fit as it should. When your favorite jeans have begun to fit a bit too snuggly in the abdominal area, it is time to set them aside and shop for a new favorite pair!

Maternity clothing has come a long way in recent years. Designer maternity clothing lines have recreated your wardrobe staples into comfortable Mommy-to-be pieces. Pregnant women can easily find camper shorts, bermuda shorts, capri’s, leggings, flowing skirts, dress pants, khakis, linen pants and dresses. They have been designed with stretch waistbands, to fit comfortably as your midsection grows.

During the beginning months of your first pregnancy, I recommend that you only purchase a few pieces to comfortably accommodate your slight curves. As your body begins to change shape, you will need to expand your wardrobe. If you have already given birth then you will probably have a better idea of how your body will develop with baby, and may be able to purchase pregnancy pieces, accordingly. A good technique generally in buying maternity clothes is to do so in phases, meaning choosing wears according to body development. This helps to avoid wasting money on dresses you will not be able to wear.

When shopping for maternity, many women are drawn toward the latest trends. These women should be considering three major things: luxury, security, and fashion. Luxurious clothing is stylish and comfortable. This will allow mommy-to-be to feel good about herself and her new curves, and most importantly good in her clothes. Securely fitting clothing reassures mommy-to-be that she is well covered, and they enable her to move and do confidently. Fashion allows you to express your personal style in her clothing while showing off baby bump.

So when shopping for maternity in phases, remember your checklist: luxury, security, and fashion! Have fun showing off your new clothes in style! alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith Agustus stable Edu

Katrina Kaif’s Rigorously Promoting ‘Tees Maar Khan’

A lot of buzz rides on “Tees Maar Kha’n yet the movie lacks the luster to make it big at the box office. However, we will not bother you about what’s yay and what’s nay in “Tees Maar Khan” because teasers are enough to say that. Now we shift our attention to Katrina Kaif, the Sheila of “Tees Maar Khan,” the item girl, the glam doll, the bombshell whom Akshay Kumar is romancing on screen after giving so many hits.

The girl is going out of her way to promote to “Tees Maar Khan”. Recently she danced at Juhu Beach with Akshay Kumar and now she was seen at the launch of Filmfare’s “Tees Maar Khan” special issue. The girl came dressed in pristine white. She looked an angel but the thought of Barbie started floating around because the actress recently launched her own Barbie. Kat admits that she is not a style diva and her fashion sense is more subtle, we can’t nudge our heads in disagreement because the fact remains the same. However, the girl saves any fashion faux pad because of her elegant, extremely feminine outfits.

Kat also made a special appearance at the show “Jhalak Dikhla Ja” with her director Farah Khan. The lady was dressed in a green anarkali suit and looked drop-dead gorgeous, her director Farah also looked amazing in a suit. Farah had given us Kat sexy like never before in “Tees Maar Khan” and she, who was never a good dancer and gradually learnt, has even tried belly dancing for the film. The girl is on a roll and we hope and pray that her hardwork bears fruit. “Tees Maar Khan” is releasing this December 24 and Bollywood is keeping its fingers cross because the year 2010 was the year of flop. Hardly there were flicks that could be said hit, only “Dabangg”, “My Name Is Khan” and “Housefull” were able to mint money.

If she is busy with “Tees Maar Khan promotions”, she also has to complete the shooting of “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” that stars Imran Khan. As Imran is getting wed on January 8, makers of the filmwant to complete its schedule because Imran will be on leave after his shaadi with Avantika. It’s belived that Kat accommodated her dates and left her annual Christmas holidays so that she can complete the shoot on time and free Imran from tension. She finds this Khan really cool and thinks shooting may go on but Imran’s wedding will happen once. alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith Agustus stable Edu

What is RSS?

Basically RSS delivers updated and changing content to anyone subscribed to that particular RSS feed. News feeds are very popular for instance as   news  is constantly  updating  throughout the day. If you were to have to continually monitor a news site for new information this would quickly become tedious and very time consuming.

The first thing you will need is an RSS reader. There are many of these and are either browser based or a downloadable application. Personally I use iGoogle and this is the most popular, although your could try My Yahoo, Feedster or Bloglines. They all perform the same function of notifying you if there is any new content in your subscribed RSS feeds. You only need one reader for all of your RSS feed subscriptions.

The obvious advantage of browser based RSS readers is that they are accessible from any computer, similar to an email Hotmail account. Downloadable applications allow you to store the information on your computer, as you would your email in outlook.

Once you have chosen which reader to use you simply have to decide which content you would like to subscribe to. For instance a weather buff could subscribe to the BBC weather feed. Simply go to the BBC weather page and look for the familiar orange RSS feed button. Click on this to subscribe and all content will be delivered to your RSS reader. When there is an update you can just click on the headline to take you back to the new content on the subscribed website.

As the feed itself is more a means of notification than anything else, the information contained is very basic. Usually it is a clickable headline followed by a short description, and this is fine because that’s all we need. Some RSS feeds are set up to display the entire content of an updated post, but a brief headline is more common.

More and more sites are now taking advantage of RSS, and you can tell if a site has a feed as it will display the standard square, orange button on its page, or else this same button can be found in your url browser, usually on the right hand side.

From a search engine optimisation point of view, RSS feeds provide great backlinks to your site, and allow direct traffic from surfers interested in what you have to say. Blogging platforms are very popular with RSS as it is such an easy way to discover when your favourite blogger has added a new post. Social media also use RSS, so you could maybe subscribe to the feed of your favourites on Twitter, and be alerted as to when they post an update, rather than continually checking back to their page. alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith Agustus stable Edu

7 Retailers With Exceptional Blogs

1. Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter describes itself as the “premier global online retail destination for men’s style” – meaning they sell men’s clothing from high fashion brands.

There are a ton of companies doing this – including the brands themselves – so why is Mr. Porter so successful? Simply because of their intense focus on editorial content on men’s fashion & lifestyle that perfectly complements its products.

That’s right – blogging is not just for women. Men are just as good of a market to blog for.

Why it’s Exceptional

Mr. Porter’s blog

The Journal is the ultimate men’s style source. Remember J. Peterman’s outlandish product descriptions from Seinfeld? This is the tactic that Mr. Porter has taken – albeit in a good way – that has given them such success. Every week, they publish their lists of the top fashions – a recent article went into great detail about “Bold Knits” and how men like Kurt Cobain and Robert Redford wore them impeccably.

They also write lifestyle articles aimed directly at their target market. Think of the young affluent male shopper: He’s not only thinking of fashion but also of which exotic destination to travel to next and possibly about getting married – as most do around a certain age. The Journal goes into the mind of these shoppers with articles about these topics written by the target market themselves.

2. Allstate

While not a typical “blog”, Allstate’s Teen Driver Program on their website is a great source of information and activity for teen drivers – and their parents – who are planning to get their license. They provide helpful videos and games for teens to help them learn how to drive, while at the same time providing helpful information to overly-anxious parents – think of it as Shrek in the form of an insurance website.

Why it’s Exceptional

Allstate is providing content that targets customers at exactly the right time – when they will be getting their license for the first time and will also be needing insurance. Once they feel the euphoria of getting that license they will be very inclined to think of Allstate as the place to get insurance from – after all, they helped them get access to the car they are now insuring.

The content – specifically the games – that they’re providing is fun! Teenagers don’t want to read another textbook on how to drive, so providing an interactive game for them to learn from is the perfect way to get them engaged.

3. Bluefly

Bluefly has a few blogs that talk about the usual   fashion   news  – but their BlueTube channel is truly unique & exceptional content.

Have you ever wanted to look into the closets of your favorite Reality TV stars? BlueTube gives you direct access to their closets – giving you an intimate look into their life.

Why it’s Exceptional

It’s personal and intimate. For fashion enthusiasts the closet is their sanctuary – and getting direct access to trendsetter’s closets is like getting invited to the cool kid’s house. If you can give your customers an inside look at someone whose opinion they value highly, they will eat it up.

4. Anthropologie

Anthropologie has a beautifully crafted line of products that ranges from clothing to furniture – creating a complete lifestyle brand. It’s blog – the MAGAZINE – includes rich articles about artists, locations and products that ooze craftsmanship and beauty.

Why It’s Exceptional

The articles always contain high quality content about little-known things of interest. Reading Anthropologie’s blog makes you feel like you have an inside look into a brand new world you never knew about before. The recent article about the founders of Nashville-based Imogene + Willie give you an in-depth look at the time and care that goes into all of their pieces and makes you fall in love with them. It gives you an appreciation for fine craftsmanship – the type of craftsmanship sold by Anthropologie.

5. Walmart

Last year Walmart recruited a young fashionista named Shauna Miller to start Penny Chic – a blog for fashion-conscious women on a budget. The blog details how you look stylish without spending a ton of cash – even going as far as comparing pricey items to similar – but much cheaper ones.

Why it’s Exceptional

They are doing the perfect thing for their brand – and something that is very important for most of their customers – which is showing that their inexpensive clothing items can be fashionable. While not every piece of clothing is from Walmart (which is smart), they all put shoppers into the mindset that cheap is good (and no one is cheaper than Walmart!).


DKNY is a social media powerhouse. At this past year’s Fashion 2.0 Awards they took home the awards for Best Twitter account and Best Blog – both of which are brought to us by the DKNY PR Girl, “Your well-placed source bringing you behind-the-scenes scoop from inside Donna Karan New York & DKNY and my life as a PR girl living in NY.” It’s basically a reality TV show in text/image form.

Why it’s Exceptional

For anyone with a slight interest in fashion, the brand PR Girl is known as the one who leads the crazy lifestyle of hobnobbing with celebrities and socialites while jet-setting around the world (or something like that). The combined Twitter & Tumblr of the DKNY PR Girl keeps you hooked with constant real-time  updates  of this lifestyle – to any person interested in the  fashion  world – this is like having exclusive access to the biggest events in fashion.

It focuses on the New York lifestyle – which DKNY items are a prerequisite for. As we have already learned above, portraying a desirable lifestyle that requires your products is the best way to get customers to buy.

7. The Home Depot

Home Depot has run in-store home renovation classes for years – and recently has moved to put those online with the invention of online video. Their blog – The Apron – is a complete source for anyone looking to hang a picture or build a deck.

Why it’s Exceptional

The Home Depot is making itself the complete online source for home renovation information – which is something that people will always need and have a very hard time finding out for themselves – I personally can barely use a hammer.

By making their website a place where homeowners constantly come for advice – it will ultimately become the place that they purchase their tools and materials to do those renovations.

Still Don’t Know how to Start?

Just pick something related to your brand that you’re passionate about and start blogging!

Talk about how your products are made, how to use them, and cool ways in which other people are already using them.

The key thing to remember is that a blog should be used to make you a trusted source, not just a place to push your products. Keep this in mind and you’ll have a new sales channel in no time. alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith